Open Call – Artists for Cumbo Art Sale-deadline extended


Art Sale, Jan 10, 6-9pm, Free Candy

Artists for Cumbo Art Sale

Open Call for Art Work Donations 

From Danny Simmons…

SOS....What's up y'all artist folk...

By now most of you know that Laurie Cumbo, the founder of MoCADA, is running for City Council. I'm not going to add a district because her candidacy is bigger, more important, than just the district she’s representing. What Laurie is really representing is the arts. We have a chance to elect someone who is from the arts, from a family of artists, who knows the struggles and needs of artists and arts organizations. 

For sure she will have way more on her plate than just our needs but she is intimate with how the arts change lives and communities. In short, she's our girl.

I took a risk on Laurie many years ago when she ran up on me at the bus stop and pitched the idea of MoCADA to me… I backed her play and it paid off for artists and it paid off for NYC. We started MoCADA with artists donating their work. We funded it that way for several years, artists freely giving some of their BEST work to be sold for a fraction of the price. Back then it was 300 bucks and we'll keep it at 300. Yeah, imagine getting a $3000+ Danny Simmons for 300… would you buy it?… yeah I thought so… let's do it again.

I want a GOOD piece from you that we will sell for $300...imagine a hundred of us raising that kinda money for her campaign ...we win …the arts win...NYC wins! Please get behind me and give a piece …create a piece...or just give us 300 bucks…or any bucks… and be a part of changing the dynamic in city government.

Let's finally be represented.

Peace y'all,

Danny Simmons


Now, here’s how you do it…

Who and what we’re asking…  (note, this info updated on 12/12/12)

  • All artists with available art work valued above $300 are asked to donate.
  • All work submitted must have a retail value of above $300 – as high above as you are comfortable donating.
  • It must be ready for hanging with wire or saw-tooth hangers attached. 
  • Three dimensional work must be delivered with its own pedestal.
  • Work that does not sell will be returned to the artist.
  • Donating artists attend this event free as our special guests. 
  • Donating artists will be promoted on Laurie's website and Facebook page.  Artists will be posted as their submissions come in, so get yours in early!  (You may elect to not be posted, just tell us that is your wish.)
  • Please make this donation your best representation of you and your body of work. Thank you!

Send us your art info!...

  • Send a good quality jpeg of your submission to:
  • Use in subject line:  "Artists for Cumbo Art Donation [your name]"
  • Include in body of email:
    • Artist Name, Title, Media, Size
    • SHORT (about 200 word) Artist Bio/Statement
    • Artist Contact Info:  Phone, Email, Website

Get this done by… (deadline extended to) Monday, January 7, 2013, midnight  

Then deliver your art…

  • Sometime between Thursday, January 3 and Saturday, January 5 to TRA Gallery, 35 Claver Pl., Brooklyn
  • You’ll be contacted by Tamara upon receipt of your email as to delivery options available.

Share the news and be there… 

  • At FREECANDY, 905 Atlantic Ave, BK on January 10th from 6-9pm as our special guest and help us sell your work!
  • And stay for the After Party, 9-11pm to celebrate!
  • Share your FB posting when it comes up and send your fans on over!  Thanks!

For more info… 

Contact Tamara Hood,  or Kathleen Hayek,



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