Wanda Kathleen Hayek

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I dream of our community being developed from its roots, building on the best of our history, respecting the cultures living here now, and focusing on progress that will benefit us all.
American history is rife with our making “progress” through exploitation and destruction of our resources. I dream of a paradigm shift— of making real progress through nurturing our resources— the natural ones and the human ones—making the best use of what we have, displacing no one, and respecting all our neighbors, old and new.
I believe Laurie Cumbo’s vision for our community and, more importantly, how she plans to make it happen, matches my dream and I’m excited to support her candidacy!

commented on BrooklynExposed 20 Female Power Players Includes Cumbo 2013-03-06 23:38:50 -0500
There’s at least 2 in this group hard at work in BK’s 35th District! Glad to see Karen Brooks Hopkins honored as President of BAM, as well!

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