Taking the High Road has its Challenges...

Dear Neighbor-

With just 25 days to go until the September 10th Primary, I am energized and so proud of the momentum that our campaign has created! 

From the very beginning, we made it clear that this campaign would serve as a positive force by uniting our community and restoring faith in the political process by focusing on the critical issues that matter – such as housing, education, jobs, health care and safety.

That is why we were so pleased to earn the endorsement of the Amsterdam News this week, observing that I am "not the typical politician." You can read their endorsement here. Their support builds on our endorsements from all corners -- from the building service workers of 32BJ and the hotel workers of the Hotel Trades Council, to the United Federation of Teachers, along with the Working Families Party and the League of Conservations Voters, among many others. 

But above all of that, and because we are not "typical," we are determined to respect our opponents, even as they turn toward the routine negative attacks that we have seen too many times before. 


Taking the High Road has its challenges… It means staying positive and focused on the issues even when other candidates are tearing down your posters, making false accusations about your character, training young people to go door to door to talk about you negatively, sending negative emails about your campaign and pitching negative stories about you to newspapers eager for a story. Despite these negative attacks, I remain confident because my decades of work in the community speak louder than these negative attacks ever could. 

The challenge with negative campaigns is that it distracts the voters from the real issues that matter. It also breads a level of distrust amongst voters and often turns people completely off from ever voting and that is why everyone loses with negative campaigns.  It also sends very mixed messages to our young people about how we handle our differences.

I am excited to take the HIGH ROAD TO VICTORY with you on September 10th.   

Let's use this campaign to send a message that we can work together -- despite our differences -- in order to create ONE BROOKLYN. I would love for you to sign up to volunteer with us on THIS EXCITING JOURNEY!

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